Sirio antennas

When you looking for cb antenna home base, you must consider not only the quality but also price and customer reviews.

But among hundreds of product with different price range, choosing suitable cb antenna home base is not an easy task. In this post, we show you how to find the right cb antenna home base along with our top-rated reviews.

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Sirio 2016 Antenna

Antenna is omnidirectional. Stay connected with tram.

Top 10 recommendation cb antenna home base

Tuneable for lowest SWR reading. Description Solarcon A is the highest gain fiberglass antenna on the market. Works with GPK-1 ground plane. This high power antenna handles watts of power, and is insulated up to 14, volts. Can be used for export, commerical and 10 meter ham. And with the heavy duty mounting plate, this base station antenna can withstand greater wind loads.

Covers All 40 Channels! High performance comes as standard and the will let you transmit much further than most conventional antennas, the build quality is superb, will give many years of serviceand ideal also for amateur use on the very popular 10m 28mhz band too.

sirio antennas

The most modern technology and the most advanced instruments have been used for realization of siriothe new base antenna with remarkable characteristics. I is made of silicium magnesium aluminum tubes of big dimensions drawn and cemented on the surface to get the maximum strength of the main whip. The coil, made of enameled copper wire of big section, has been specially planned in order to bear high powers. It adopts the exclusive system c. Made of telescopic anti-corodal aluminum tubes.

Its long and robust whip allows perfect performances and very good connections at distances too. It's easy to tune at the desired working frequency. It is supplied with a steel bracket that allows an easy and quick installation everywhere. Thanks to it reduced dimensions it can be used as balcony, marine and RV antenna.

sirio antennas

A pioneer in the field, Consolidated has been serving the need of industry for more than 90 years. All of Consolidated's products are designed and fabricated to the exacting physical and electrical standards of today's original equipment manufacturers. Continuous in-process inspections, full laboratory verifications of product specifications and rigid life testing of finished products are all routine.

Be it meeting delivery or special packaging demands, providing specialized support or just responding quickly to calls. Staying abreast with the latest technologies helps to provide input to fine-tune company operations and current market trends.

Because Consolidated is much smaller than some of its big corporation competitors, it can be more flexible to the concerns of customers. That has proven to be a vital difference!

sirio antennas

Includes U-Clamps to attach to optional mast pipe. They are made of anti-corodal aluminum tubes and supplied with polythene jointing sleeves to be a perfect waterproofing.

Strong and easy to install, they allow very good links. Tags: cb antenna home base. Top 3 recommendation steiner binoculars with rangefinder The 10 best laptop stand on bed for The 10 best dongle usbc to headphone How to buy the best universal insignia tv remote?Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason.

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This project involves a management team of volunteers who each take a topic of interest and manage it with passion. The site will be something of which everyone involved can be proud to say they were a part. Toggle navigation. Forgot Password. Reviews Home. SIRIO it's the best choice due to it's size and due to it's heavy construction! I give this antenna 5-stars as it performs very well as a meter ground plane vertical vs.

Construction is very good, not great. The bottom half of the antenna is much better than the top. The upper whip sections use a low grade of aluminum allow and the sections do not fit together as well as a serious antenna would. Also, the self-tapping screws are not adequate. Some have said they used a hose clamp, I decided to just put in a few more larger self-tapping screws all all the joints.

I also injected silicone into the gaps created by the mismatched tubing to lessen vibration fatigue on the joints. Use a good aluminum grease on all the joints and the radial mounts. With the antenna set to the 18mm stub setting which corresponds to This antenna is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a multi-band antenna.

Just because you can make this piece of metal radiate with a tuner does not make it multiband. The antenna works well, and I'm happy with my purchase. I'm unlucky in that I can only get the base 10ft above ground, but still work the world on 11m, propagation allowing.

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I'd imagine it'd be every bit as effective on 10 or 12m. Hi all, I erected this antenna a few weeks ago. Amazing for the price. I need to tune on 40m SWR Performances on 40 are not similar as my wire antenna. Time Owned: 6 to 12 months. I've been reviewing Sirio's antennas for some time now and just when I think I've reviewed the best of their line, I get another one that impresses me even more then the last one!

This is absolutely one of the finest "affordable" vertical ground-planes on the market in my opinion. Very, very well engineered, well designed, heavy duty and superior performance Time Owned: more than 12 months.

I have mine since and it has been a stellar performer. Moved to 3 different QTH's and own all manner of wire and yagi antennas, but the has come along with me every time and I'm convinced it still be performing well in another 12 years time. The only problem as mentioned in previous reviews is the self tapping screws which do loosen with time. Best solution is to use good jubilee hose clips instead, mine have been on for 5 years and no problems at all.

Antenna is installed at 10m on a small tower and gets a good whipping with our Irish winter gales.Welcome visitor you can login or create an account. Radios Radios. Marine Radios.

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Sirio Antenna

CW Units. Books - Manuals - Videos. CD's and Tapes. Uniden ProXL. Bee Hive 3 Way Mirror Mount. Brand: Sirio Product Code: S Description Reviews 1.Engineered with the most advanced available technologies, it is completely manufactured in Italy with high quality materials.

Completely designed by electromagnetic simulation to achieve the maximun gain and optimize the radiation pattern and bandwidth.

The new design of the radiant element works like a central feeded dipole so all RF currents on the radiator are in-phase and the ground plane radials are not necessary. The coaxial coil at the bottom works like an RF choke for optimum decoupling from mast and feeding line. Made of Fiberglass telescopic tubes, it is DC Grounded for the best protection from static discharges.

RANGE: The inner conductor shows DC a short. Antenna is approximately 24 Feet Tall and will handle Watts. Welcome visitor you can login or create an account. Radios Radios. Marine Radios. Radio Accessories. Base Microphones. Mobile Microphones. Microphone Accessories.

CB Antennas. Ham Antennas. Scanner Antennas. TV Antenna. Towers, Pushups, and Mounting. Rotors - Cable - Shelves - Support Bearings. Rotor Cable. Ground Wire. Grounding Kit. Coax Seal. CW Units. Books - Manuals - Videos.Vertical base station CB antennas are the most commonly used type of antenna for base installs.

Traditionally there has been a large assortment to choose from with many different manufacturers making the claim that their antenna was the best. The new Sirio Gain-Master has been making some waves in the CB radio world and has many people questioning their previously held beliefs on which antenna was the best vertical on the market.

Even Sirio themselves are willing to make the claim that this antenna will out-perform competing antennas. So here we are today and the gauntlet has been thrown down. The parts and pieces inside will consist of the following —. The instructions are fairly straightforward and the assembly is intuitive. In the instructions they do specifically mention not to bend or crimp the wire coming out of the top of the base section but my wire was actually crimped from the factory as in shipping it had been bent over the tubing.

Once you screw the wiring harness to the base section you then can unravel the remaining wire and move to the stage of assembling the antenna sections. The tubes slide together and are slotted on one end. At the very tip of the antenna the wire will stick out and you insert it into an end cap which has a small Allen screw in it. One of the problems previously recorded with other vertical antennas was that RF would travel down the antenna and interact with the coax, mast, etc creating RF issues in many shacks.

The RF choke on the Gain-Master prevents current traveling down the cable shield inside the antenna from going further and interacting with other elements. The next part of the antenna is where it gets interesting. While most end fed verticals A99, Imax have their matching system at the bottom of the antenna the Gain-Master incorporates a impedance matching stub further up the antenna and even higher up towards the center of the antenna is a capacitor.

While in other antennas a large amount of loss occurs in the matching network Sirio explains this system as a more balanced design which acts more like a center fed dipole. The result of this more balanced antenna is a more balanced radiated signal. We finished assembling the antenna and decided for our testing we would do a direct comparison against an Imax I assembled my 20 foot mast and first mounted the Imax Then I would take receiving readings from stations and they would take signal readings on my transmit.

Within 5 mins I would lower the mast, unbolt the Imax and mount the Sirio Gain-Master and follow the same procedure. I would then switch back to the Imax and finally back to the Gain-Master so over the course of the testing to a station I had two chances with each antenna to take reading and account for any local radio wave anomalies that could have effected the results.

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I also tested with multiple stations on different days. All other parts of the system — coax, radio, power supply, remained exactly the same throughout the testing. Before I reveal the results of the tests versus the Imax lets first discuss the performance of the antenna. Now I think most of the problem with her TV is related to overloading and proximity but I was still interested to see the results. The RF choke on this antenna more likely will help prevent problems with RF local to your shack.

This antenna maintained a SWR below 1. I was able to make contacts on both 10 and 11 meters without difficulty or the need for a tuner. We all know different antennas can pick up different ambient noise and the static level can vary from antenna to antenna based on design, material and polarity. For a vertical antenna the Sirio had a fairly quiet noise level and I would rate it slightly better than the Imax by a hair.

While this antenna can easily handle the legal limit for CB radios and 10 meter ham radios there are those in the hobby running high power stations that will exceed the limits of this antenna. I say this since I was comparing two antennas aimed at the same market with the same type of vertical orientation. Receive — I made short videos of each station with each antenna and then compared the results. I had local stations give me a AM carrier with no audio.

I had stations from 10 miles to 35 miles away in these tests giving me signals to record. In comparison with the Imax I found no measurable difference in receive signals. A lot of people myself included wondering if this new design could really make that much of a difference on the TX side.Discussion in ' CB Antennas ' started byJul 15, WorldwideDX Radio Forum. You can now help support WorldwideDX when you shop on Amazon at no additional cost to you!

Simply follow this Shop on Amazon link first and a portion of any purchase is sent to WorldwideDX to help with site costs. Joined: Feb 4, Messages: Likes Received: Slowmovermagnum and Shadetree Mechanic like this.

Sirio GainMaster Antenna

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